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lol比赛哪里可以押注|陈梦展望首次世界杯之旅 感谢给机会希望发挥更好

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  Baoneng Cup 2020 National Table Tennis Championships entered the 9th day. Women's singles finally settled. Chen Meng defeated the defending champion Sun Yingsha in four straight games in the final and won the women's singles championship of the current championship.




   The two semi-finals in the morning were both leaning to one side. The match between Chen Meng and Wang Manyu was the first to start. Chen Meng changed from the slow heat in the past and took the lead in this match, winning 11:8. In the second game, Wang Manyu gradually found his form. After the two men reached a 5:5 tie, Chen Meng opened the score with several strong confrontations and scored 11:6. After this round, Chen Meng fought more and more courageously, Wang Manyu appeared more passive, Chen Meng went 11:3 to the next battle, rewriting the big score to 3-0. In the fourth game, Wang Manyu launched a frantic counterattack. Chen Meng withstood the opponent's offensive and secured the victory with 12:10.


From losing 2 to 4 in the semi-finals of the Olympic Games simulation game to winning 4 to 0 this time, Chen Meng said bluntly, "I didn't expect it": "Before the game, I felt that the opponent was in very good condition. The mixed doubles also won the championship. I still base myself on fighting. Opponents, this ball is still won by the mentality and preparation before the game." Speaking of the game process, Chen Meng said: "In the game, what I actually want is to bite the score at the beginning of each game, not necessarily The score opened up, and I also made very hard preparations. In the game, I also held the mentality that winning one game is one game."


   In another semi-final, Sun Yingsha also defeated Gu Yuting 4-0. The two met in the women's team finals of this championship. At that time, Sun Yingsha won 3-1 and met again. The relationship between victory and defeat could not be rewritten. Sun Yingsha had an overall advantage and won four straight games.


"Before the game, I also made sufficient preparations. Yesterday, Gu Yuting was also behind 0-3. Today, I also prepared for all the difficulties." Sun Yingsha believes that today I mainly won the top three boards. I am familiar with it, plus a left hand and a right hand. The competition is actually the first three rebounds. Today, I scored more on the serve round than the opponent.




   The women's singles final kicked off as scheduled. Chen Meng and Sun Yingsha started a confrontation, Sun Yingsha tried to defend the title, and Chen Meng tried to make a breakthrough. In the first game, Chen Meng made no secret of his desire for the championship. He started with a 7:0 disparity and won the first game with 11:2. In the second game, Chen Meng's offensive remained unchanged. Although Sun Yingsha's condition improved, she was still passive. Chen Meng made another victory with 11:7. In the third game, Sun Yingsha launched a counterattack after falling behind 2:5 and successfully passed the score to 9:8. Since the two sides had more than 10 minutes in a single game, the game entered a "rotating serve", and Sun Yingsha scored another point and led by 10:8. , Chen Meng then scored 4 points in a row and won 12:10, expanding the lead to 3-0. After this round, Chen Meng's state was fully opened. The fourth round started with an 8:3 lead. After Sun Yingsha chased for 4 points, Chen Meng worked hard to get 3 match points, 11:9, Chen Meng finally locked after the opponent chased for two points. In the victory, she defeated Sun Yingsha 4-0 and won the Women's Singles Championship for the first time.

女子单打决赛如期拉开序幕。陈萌与孙英莎开始对抗,孙英莎试图捍卫冠军头衔,而陈萌则试图取得突破。在第一场比赛中,陈梦毫不掩饰对夺冠的渴望。他以7:0的差距开始,并以11:2赢得第一场比赛。在第二局中,陈梦的进攻保持不变。尽管孙英莎的病情有所改善,但她仍然是被动的。陈梦以11:7再次取得胜利。在第三局中,孙英莎落后2分5秒发动反击,成功将比分改写为9分8分。由于双方在一场比赛中的比赛时间均超过10分钟,因此比赛进入了“轮换发球局”,而孙英莎则得到了另一分,并以10:8领先。 ,陈梦随后连续取得4分,并以12:10获胜,将领先优势扩大到3-0。经过这一轮,陈梦的状态被完全打开。第四轮以8:3领先。在孙颖莎追逐4分后,陈猛努力取得3分,11:9,在对手追逐2分后,陈猛终于锁定。在胜利中,她4-0击败了Sun Yingsha,并首次赢得了女子单打冠军。

"This is my first singles championship at the National Championships. I am still very satisfied with my performance. Both games are worth summarizing. I am very excited to win and I hope I will continue to work hard. I put my position relatively low. The state is not very good. It was made by one point by one point." Chen Meng bluntly said that he had met for the first time when he encountered a rotation serve in the game. "The score in the third game was stalemate. When the time came, this suddenly appeared. I’m not too comfortable, and it’s worth summing up to be able to quickly adjust and re-enter the game. At first, it was a bit of interference, and it was a person serving one ball, which would be better for my next emergency preparedness." Talking about the upcoming women For the World Cup, Chen Meng said: "It is the first time to participate in the World Cup. I am very grateful to the team for giving this opportunity. After the game, we must comprehensively summarize the gains and losses, how to reverse the situation, and hope the World Cup can play better.

“这是我在全国锦标赛上的第一个单打冠军。我仍然对自己的表现感到满意。这两场比赛都值得总结。我为获胜感到非常兴奋,希望我能继续努力。我的位置相对较低。状态不是很好,是一分一分地提出的。”陈萌直言不讳地说,他在比赛中遇到轮换发球是第一次遇见。 “第三局的比分陷入僵局。时间到了,这突然出现了。我不太舒服,值得总结一下,以便能够快速调整并重新进入比赛。起初,这是一个有点干扰,这是一个人在发球,这对我的下一个紧急情况准备会更好。”在谈到即将到来的世界杯女足比赛时,陈梦说:“这是第一次参加世界杯。我非常感谢球队给予这次机会。赛后,我们必须全面总结收获和收获。损失,如何扭转局势,并希望世界杯能打得更好。

Sun Yingsha thinks that her transfer is a bit worse. "I didn't hold the score in the first two rounds, and lost faster. It was a bit regretful in the third round. After all, there was a serve at 10:8, but it didn't take it. Maybe If you win the third game, you can struggle a bit more." After the team won the championship, Sun Yingsha's state began to have some repetitions. "The entire team match is over, mixed doubles and doubles are also going on, except for the semifinals, the singles played smoothly. Some, the previous singles played against Wang Xiaotong and Chen Xing at the same time, I was a bit uncomfortable on the court. I also watched the semi-finals of Meng Sister, it was really smooth and very smooth, but my transfer in the finals was not particularly good. I am coming up. I’m a little conservative and didn’t fight like my opponent. I should hesitate to make a transition with a forehand. If I slow down, I won’t have a chance." When it comes to rotating serve, Sun Yingsha, who has experienced the first time, said that There was a little impact at the time, but the impact was good.

孙英莎认为她的转学情况更糟。 “我在前两轮中没有保持比分,并且输得更快。在第三轮中,我感到有点遗憾。毕竟,在10:8有发球局,但是并没有拿到。你赢了第三局,就可以再挣扎一点。”车队获得冠军后,孙英莎的状态开始重复。 “整个团队比赛已经结束,混双和双打也都在进行中,除了半决赛,单打都很顺利。有些,以前的单打同时与王晓彤和陈星对战,我在比赛上有些不自在。场上,我也看过了孟姐妹的半决赛,那真的很顺利,但是我在决赛中的转会并不是特别好。我来了。我有点保守,没有像我的对手。我应该毫不犹豫地用正手进行过渡。如果我放慢脚步,我将没有机会。在轮换发球方面,有第一次经验的孙英莎说,当时影响不大,但影响很大。

   (Ping Pong World)


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