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This afternoon, the Chinese Super League gave birth to the first team to be relegated. In the first stage, the Changzhou Division ranked bottom in the regular season with only 3 draws and 11 losses. Tianjin Teda drew Shenzhen Kaisa in the second round, thus 3-1 in two rounds. The total score defeated the opponent and successfully relegated. Tianjin TEDA's law of relegation in the Super League continues, and at the same time it has created another new record in the history of the Super League: relegation with only one win!


After the end of the first stage, TEDA, who had been invincible for a season, quickly completed self-healing. It successively introduced Suarez, Ahmedov and other strengths to send foreign aid. The local commander Wang Baoshan put out a relegation trick to fight the fire. This time Tianjin TEDA is like changing a team, the defensive intensity and the mental outlook of the players are undergoing a huge change. In 180 minutes of two games with Shenzhen team, Tianjin TEda only lost one goal in today's game. The defensive level pressed the whole court and bit the opponent. After German defender Bastians equalized the score in the second half, TEDA went into madness! Some people joked that "win one game a year, one game last a year".


Foreign aid Ahmedov persisted in his father's critical illness and sent key assists in the game. Although TEDA did not have many highlights on the offensive end in this game, but with the goal of the defender, he still held a draw. In fact, there is no equalizer, TEDA also hopes to relegation with a total score of 2-1, but this goal further highlights the mental outlook and self-confidence of the entire team. If you blindly defend the ball, it will be difficult to spell it out. The defender should be involved in the offense, and it should be a practice drilled in advance for positioning the ball. Wang Baoshan resorted to the "Tian Ji horse racing" tactics, mobilized and explored all the strength of the players, and finally succeeded.


Regardless of the question of whether the competition system is completely fair and reasonable, Tianjin TEDA has grasped the key points in the relegation battle. After all, it is the nature of the knockout. For this, the previous record "will not be blamed". Therefore, after completely letting go of the burden, the players' desire to survive has been activated. Whether a team is strong or not is not only the player's personal ability and strength, but more importantly, the spirit. TEDA under Wang Baoshan's rule fully demonstrated their strong desire to survive. This point of data is also particularly obvious. In the first 14 rounds, 30 goals were lost and only 8 goals were scored. It is almost desperate to win a game. But the long-term downturn does not mean that they have given up treatment. After a short "tonic", TEDA used all the power accumulated in these two games.


After this game, Tianjin TEDA set a new record, that is, the myth of completing the relegation task by winning only one game in a season. (The next game can go through the field) 1 win, 4 draws and 11 losses. There is no relegation team in the history of the Super League to achieve the goal of relegation like this "perfectly". Of course, some people questioned why the points of the first stage are not counted in the second stage, and how many more games can be played in a single loop? But before the competition system, the strength still has the final say. The cruelty of the knockout matches are clear to all clubs and can only say that the opportunity is reserved for the prepared team. TEDA caught the straw, but Shenzhen did not.

这场比赛之后,天津泰达创造了一个新的纪录,那就是在一lol比赛哪里可以押注个赛季仅赢一场比赛的情况下完成保级任务的神话。 (下英雄联盟投注一场比赛可以通过该领域)1胜4平11负。在超级联赛的历史上,没有一支保级队伍能够达到“完美”这样的保级目标。当然,有些人质疑为什么在第二阶段不计算第一阶段的积分,并且在一个循环中可以玩几局?但是在比赛制度之前,实力仍然拥有最终决定权。所有俱乐部都清楚淘汰赛的残酷性,只能说机会是为准备好的球队保留的。泰达抓住了稻草,但深圳没有。

There are many controversial topics in the Super League this year, such as shrinking schedules, divisional competitions, the second phase of the elimination, refereeing issues, and many more. As the saying goes, no one is perfect, maybe there is another dispute about another method. Football is sometimes like lottery. There are various ways to play. If you have to play, you must choose one. TEDA was the first to land in the special league knockout round of 8 selections, at least relying on strength to win the next game is not ashamed. The Super League relegation competition has not yet completely ended, and there may even be teams that can be relegated without a win in the knockout stage. With such an arrangement of fate, he had to obey TEDA's law of relegation.


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