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The last time the Chinese football team played in the World Youth Championship was 15 years ago; the last time the Chinese football team played in the World Youth Championship was also 15 years ago. However, what is really terrible is not that it has missed the stage of the World Youth Championship for a long time, but that the 01 National Youth (2024 Olympic Games-age team) failed to make the Asian Youth Championship last year. The 00 and 02 national youth teams have missed the Asian Youth Championship. Fewer races... The results of the youth national team are so, even if the adult national team can achieve some morale-boosting results through naturalization and other means, it will not help but feel lack of confidence.

中国足球队上一次参加世界青年锦标赛是15年前。中国足球队上一次参加世界青年锦标赛也是15年前。但是,真正可怕的不是它已经错过了很长时间的世界青年锦标赛的舞台,而是01国家青年队(2024年奥运会年龄队)去年未能获得亚洲青年锦标赛的冠军。 00和02国家青年队错过了亚洲青年锦标赛。更少的比赛...青年国家队的成绩是如此,即使成年国家队可以通过入籍和其他方式取得一些鼓舞士气的结果,也无济于事,但会感到缺乏信心。

After lessons learned, Chinese football began to focus on youth training. In the next ten years, how can we find a way for football youth training with Chinese characteristics that conforms to the law of world football development and adapts to China's national conditions? How to achieve the node in the mid-term goal mentioned in the "Overall Plan of Chinese Football Reform" in 2030, and achieve the achievement of "significant improvement in the level and quality of youth training, and remarkable improvement in the performance of the youth national team of all age groups, and entering the ranks of the top Asian teams"? ?

吸取教训后,中国足球开始侧重于青年训练。在未来的十年中,我们如何找到符合世界足球发展规律,适应中国国情的具有中国特色的足球青年训练之路?如何实现《 2030年中国足球改革总体规划》中提出的中期目标,实现“青少年培训水平和质量显着提高,青少年培训水平显着提高”的目标各个年龄段的青年国家队,并跻身亚洲顶级球队的行列? ?

Sorting out the problem is the first step in solving the problem. In the past, the youth training of Chinese football has always lacked a clear structure. If you have a child playing football next to you, do you know which level he belongs to? How far is it from playing professionally?


In the first two years, the Chinese Football Association comprehensively deepened the reform of the football youth training system, and put forward the theory of the Chinese football youth training structure and training system of "five departments in one, two hearts and one game".


"Five departments in one" refers to the diversification of the five major youth training systems: the youth training system of the provincial and district sports bureau, the urban youth training system, the professional club youth training system, the combination of sports and education, the campus youth training system, and the social club youth training system. Football reserve talent training system. He covers all the current youth training directions, and he sorts them out very clearly.


"Two hearts" refers to speeding up the construction of domestic and international youth training centers, and "one game" refers to making the Youth Super League bigger and stronger.


In terms of domestic youth training centers, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai and other cities have established the first batch of (15) Chinese Football Association youth training centers in the country two years ago. This is a youth training platform led by the provincial and municipal football associations, assisted by the Chinese football team, and dispatched professional teams to cooperate with local primary and secondary schools. Take Chongqing as an example. At present, teams of all age groups from U7 to U13 have been formed, and there are about 500 young players in training.


Regarding the International Youth Training Center, according to the Football Association, men’s football has set up youth training centers in Spain, Italy, Portugal, Brazil and Argentina in South America; women’s football has set up youth training centers in the United States, which has a very high level. This is an important platform for future young players to learn from developed countries in football.


The National Youth Football Super League is a youth football competition officially launched in 2017 under the joint promotion of the Chinese Football Association and the National School Football Office. The purpose of its establishment is to allow young people to play more games and more quality games.


Qingdao Huanghai coach Wu Jingui once used the Japanese youth training to illustrate the importance of playing more games.


The Youth Super League is also working hard to expand year by year. The competition has increased from 87 teams in the first year to 259 teams in 2018 to 402 teams last year. But for the size of our country, this scale is far from enough.


The youth training system of professional clubs is an important position for cultivating successors to professional teams. According to the feedback from some foreign coaches of the Chinese Super League, it does not efficiently cultivate "qualified" successors. Moreover, many professional clubs have only established echelons in accordance with the requirements of the Football Association in recent years, and many of them are still affiliated with local schools. Therefore, the echelon of professional teams may not necessarily be "professional" in player training. In the next ten years, the club will have to invest more and pay more attention to turn the echelon of professional teams to "professional".


The youth training system of provincial and municipal sports bureaus is a product of the nationwide system of sports in China. It can be described as an elite strategy that selects the best players of the same age to participate in the National Games, Youth League and other events. In the future, it will also inherit and carry forward the advantages of the nationwide system and fully mobilize the enthusiasm of all provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities to grasp football.


The urban youth training system is an important carrier to promote football and cultivate urban football culture. Relevant parties need to pay close attention to nurturing and thickening the soil and culture of football development, so that football becomes a way of life for teenagers and cities. In the next ten years, we hope to see the urban youth training system play a role, and there will be more and more urban youth competition systems.


Klauchen, the meritorious coach who led the National Youth Team in the World Youth Championship, once suggested that Chinese football should establish a regional league for young players. "China needs a regional league. Just like we did in Germany, this is also a youth training force. At the regional level, there must be second division, third division and other leagues. The same situation applies to youth football starting from 6 to 10 years old. You can’t rely on professional teams for youth training, but at a lower regional level Build a system."

领导世界青年锦标赛国家青年队的功勋教练克劳兴曾建议中国足球应该为年轻球员建立区域联盟。 “中国需要一个区域联赛。就像我们在德国一样,这也是一支青年训练部队。在区域一级,必须有二级联赛,三级联赛和其他联赛。同样的情况适用于从6岁到6岁英雄联盟投注的青年足球。 10岁。您不能依靠专业团队来进行青年培训,而要在较低的区域级别构建系统。”

Social football youth training institutions are an important supplement to professional football youth training and campus football. But what level of social football youth training institutions are blooming now? Some organizations don't say whether they can lay a good foundation for the players, even whether they can guide the young players to the correct understanding of football is a big problem. In ten years, all aspects need to intervene in social football youth training institutions to make them "survival of the fittest", so that social football youth training institutions can improve the level of serving campus football.


Campus football is the foundation for the development of youth football, and it is also the main position for the popularization of football. Japanese football implements a dual-track youth training model on a professional campus. It does not deny that some Japanese high school students have embarked on the professional stage from the campus, but these are only individual cases, presented in front of us through media processing, and we have produced the Japanese campus youth training level. Sewing the illusion of grafting professional teams.


Korean football adopts a professional campus system. The echelon is linked to local high schools. Excellent players can join the professional echelon when they reach adulthood. Some "late bloomers" players can continue to work in the college league after entering the university. Chance to become a professional player in his early twenties. Basically, the top scorers, assists, MVP and outstanding players of every college student league will get the attention of the K League.


At the moment, it is difficult for us to have the potential to implement a dual-track system in the short term, and the one system of the Korean youth training system is in line with the concept of sports and education integration advocated by Chinese football. However, it is not easy to implement the integration of sports and education. If campus football wants to become the base of Chinese football youth training, three things must be done in the next ten years.

目前,我们很难在短期内实施双轨制,而韩国青年训练体系中的一个体系符合中国足球倡导的体育和教育融合的概念。 。但是,实现体育与教育的融合并不容易。如果校园足球想成为中国足球青年训练的基础,那么未来十年必须做三件事。

First, 50,000 schools with football characteristics will be established in accordance with the overall plan. According to the calculation that a school needs two coaches, it needs 100,000 coaches. The reality is that the total number of registered coaches in our country is only over 60,000. We have only more than 300 international and national coaches across the country. Raising the number and quality of youth training coaches is our task within ten years. Of course, this also requires more specific measures and policy support.


Second, there must be a change in the concepts of parents and educators. Playing football does not affect learning, and playing football does not mean that you must take the path of professional athletes in the future. Through the football participants at the top of the pyramid to show excellent sportsmanship, grassroots workers do a good job in dissemination of ideas, truly change the concepts of parents and educators, and guide children to understand football correctly, instead of using "assessment" and other means to force students to contact football. An attractive football atmosphere is formed on the campus.


Third, design the campus football league system. At present, many campus competitions are based on the competition system. Participating in a semester is just a few days away. In many provinces and cities, college student leagues basically adopt a high-density competition system. For example, after seven games are played intensively in seven days, the winner is divided, and the task of one semester is completed. All these need to be replaced by more scientific competition methods.


The 1988 national youth team represented by Wang Dalei, Yang Xu, Li Xuepeng, Yu Dabao, and Zheng Long entered the 2005 World Junior Championship; the 1985 national youth team represented by Chen Tao, Hao Junmin, Gao Lin and Zhao Xuri won 2004 After the Asian Youth Championship runner-up and then shine in the Utrecht World Youth Championship in the Netherlands, the Chinese U-series national team disappeared from the lineup of the Asian youth team. I thought that the 93-year-old was the low point of Chinese football. I never thought that when the first batch of 00s played, I couldn't even make the top 16 of the Asian game.

由王大雷,杨旭,李学鹏,于大宝和郑隆代表的1988年国家青年队参加了2005年世界青年锦标赛; 1985年以陈涛,郝俊民,高林和赵旭日为代表的国家青年队获得了2004年亚洲青年锦标赛亚军,然后在荷兰的乌得勒支世界青年锦标赛上大放异彩,中国的U系列国家队从亚洲青年队的阵容。我以为93岁是中国足球的低谷。我从没想过当第一批00出战时,我什至无法进入亚洲比赛的前16名。

In the next ten years, the stage of the youth competition will be fully handed over to players born in the 00s and 10s. This is also a key turning point for Chinese football to return to the top in Asia in the next two decades. The good news is that many domestic coaches who have been engaged in youth training for many years have expressed that Chinese football will get better from the 05 years.


"This batch of 05 is good, it is still much better than 01, because the 05 age group, the whole country pays attention to it, first of all, the number is large, 99 of their batch, the national championship of winter training, all the people who can form a team have arrived. , 35 teams, by 05, there will be many more teams at once." Zhang Tao, the meritorious coach of Luneng Football Academy, said to the media.


Therefore, fans who care about Chinese football don’t worry. Youth training takes time. Chinese football has gone from a complete sweep of fake gambling to the Chinese Super League. It’s only ten years, and now I’m going to make a conclusion of the ten years’ youth training. , Is it too early?

因此,关心中国足球的球迷不必担心。青年训练需要时间。中国足球已经从完全的假赌博变成了中国超级联赛。才十年,现在我要总结十年的青年培训。 ,还为时过早吗?

We always say that we must closely follow the development law of international football. In fact, "more and more people are paying attention to youth training, more and more teams in youth training, and the quality of youth training is getting higher and higher" is the general trend of youth training. , Practitioners can clearly feel that Chinese football is moving in this direction.

我们总是说,我们必须严格遵守国际足球的发展规律。实际上,“越来越多的人重视青年训练,青年训练队伍越来越多,青年训练的质量越来越高”是青年训练的大趋势。 ,从业者可以清楚地感觉到中国足球正在朝这个方向发展。

It is believed that the next ten years will be the ten years for the U-series national team to get better and better. After all, the National Youth League, the National Youth League, and the Asian Junior Championships have basically bottomed out Chinese football. How much progress is made in the future is a "rebound" that is gratifying.


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