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"A club is noisy, passion, sense of belonging and city pride. Newcastle has it all."-Bobby Robson

“俱乐部充满喧闹,激情,归属感和城市自豪感。纽卡斯尔拥有一切。”-鲍比·罗布森(Bobby Robson)

In this gap period when global football matches were suspended due to the epidemic, the news that Newcastle was about to be acquired by the Saudi consortium detonated traffic. The Premier League powers are trapped by the financial crisis, which has accelerated the pace of the Magpies' change of ownership. Once the oil and gold dollars are successfully injected, the exotic whirlwind from the highlands may completely change the Premier League structure like the "Cherski" of the year.


"Newcastle is local and the whole society. It is a window, a way of seeing the world in this often forgotten northeast corner of the country, it is the belief of our highlanders, and it is the family, friends, Blocks, houses and villages. The club represents our strong desire for the Northeast. We want to make it better and better and bring us glory and recognition." As the British reporter said, Newcastle is not just a football club. Simple, it is an important cultural symbol of the Tyne River, and it carries the emotions of the "Northeast People".


Since the beginning of the 1992/93 season, Newcastle has experienced three chairpersons and 16 coaches. During this period, the team has experienced two FA Cup finals, long lead league standings, and the second stage of the Champions League group stage. The highlight moments have also fallen into the quagmire of relegation twice in the 2008/09 season and 2016/17 season.


From Keegan to Bobby Robson, from competing with Manchester United for the league title to completing a major reversal to qualify for the Champions League, Newcastle football will never lack passion and romance. The past Magpies coaches have also used offensive style to please the audience, with excellent foreign aid and execution. Strong local talents can always produce wonderful chemical reactions. Although it has not been able to win the championship for a long time, Newcastle has never lacked support from fans. Every weekend there are always many "pilgrims" who come from far and wide in the stands at St James's Park.

从基冈到鲍比·罗布森(Bobby Robson),从与曼联(Manchester United)争夺联赛冠军到完成重大逆转以取得冠军联赛资格,纽卡斯尔足球将永远不会缺乏热情和浪漫。过去的喜pies队教练也采用进攻风格来取悦观众,并提供出色的外援和执行力。强大的本地人才总是可以产生出色的化学反应。尽管纽卡斯尔已经很久没有赢得冠军了,但它从未缺少球迷的支持。每个周末,圣詹姆斯公园的看台上总会有许多“朝圣者”。

In the summer of 2004, the then Newcastle chairman Freddy Shepard fired meritorious coach Bobby Robson, which became a turning point in the Newcastle Premier League era. In the 12 seasons before Bobby Robson’s departure, Newcastle had only experienced four coaches. In the following 16 seasons, Newcastle maintained the frequency of coaching changes once a year, with Allardys and Padu, etc. People have fallen victim to vulgar success studies. Chris Hughton and Benitez, who enjoyed the fans’ love, also failed to end well. Joe Kinnear, Glenn Rhode, John Carver and others who have been fighting the fire briefly have already Forgotten, the Magpie's handsome position has almost become one of the most dangerous occupations in the Premier League.

2004年夏天,当时的纽卡斯尔董事长弗雷迪·谢泼德解雇了功勋出色的教练鲍比·罗布森,这成为了纽卡斯尔英超联赛时代的转折点。在鲍比·罗布森(Bobby Robson)离开之前的12个赛季中,纽卡斯尔只经历了四位教练。在接下来的16个赛季中,纽卡斯尔与Allardys和Padu等保持每年更换教练一次的频率。人们已沦为低俗成功研究的受害者。克里斯·休顿(Chris Hughton)和贝尼特斯(Benitez)深受球迷们的喜爱,但也未能圆满结束。乔·金尼尔(Joe Kinnear),格伦·罗德(Glenn Rhode),约翰·卡佛(John Carver)以及其他一直在扑灭大火的人早已被人们遗忘了,喜p的帅气职位几乎已成为英超联赛中最危险的职业之一。

During the Roman Empire, it was an important town on the northern border. It was prominent because of Hadrian’s Wall and Normandy castles. During the Industrial Revolution and the sunless empire, it became a world-renowned "Vitality City". Newcastle has a glorious past. . After experiencing the de-industrialization in the Thatcher era, Newcastle lost its original advantages. Later, the rising cultural and educational undertakings could not attract too many foreigners, and the old highland city was gradually marginalized.

在罗马帝国时期,它是北部边界的重要城镇。由于哈德良长城和诺曼底城堡而著名。在工业革命和无阳光的帝国时期,它成为了享誉世界的“活力之城”。纽卡斯尔拥有辉煌的过去。 。在撒切尔时代经历了去工业化之后,纽卡斯尔失去了最初的优势。后来,不断上升的文化和教育事业吸引不了太多的外国人,古老的高地城市逐渐被边缘化。

Players in the Golden Dollar era have high salaries. Exposure, advertising revenue and financial services are their needs. Newcastle is difficult to meet these requirements. In this era when capital and talent are highly concentrated in London and Manchester, Newcastle, who is entrenched in Tyne and Wear alone, seems very "lonely". They have been unable to attract players like Alan Shearer and Bellamy. They have just made their name. Moussa-Sissoko and Wijnaldum also left in a hurry.

黄金元时代的玩家薪水很高。他们需要曝光,广告收入和金融服务。纽卡斯尔很难满足这些要求。在资本和人才高度集中在伦敦和曼彻斯特的这个时代,仅在泰恩威尔郡(Tyne and Wear)根深蒂固的纽卡斯尔似乎很“孤独”。他们一直无法吸引像Alan Shearer和Bellamy这样的球员。他们刚刚出名。穆萨·西索科(Moussa-Sissoko)和维纳尔杜姆(Wijnaldum)也匆匆离开。

Although they are far away from the European War Group, Newcastle has a century-old brand name and a considerable local market, which allows them to quickly return to the Premier League after relegation (avoiding the encounters like Nottingham Forest, Leeds United, Blackpool and Wigan Athletic The collapse method was defeated), the reason why it was finally favored by overseas consortia. Freddie Shepard has been a Newcastle fan since he was a child, but his successor Ashley is a pragmatic businessman. At the beginning of his tenure, Ashley was committed to repaying debts and cutting payrolls, pulling the Magpies from the brink of bankruptcy. However, Magpies fans soon discovered that the retail giant was just a player, and the club they were looking forward to. The bosses are far apart.

尽管纽卡斯尔远离欧洲战争集团,但纽卡斯尔拥有百年历史的品牌名称和相当可观的本地市场,这使他们在降级后能够迅速重返英超(避免像诺丁汉森林,利兹联,黑泽和威根体育(Wigan Athletic)崩溃方法失败了,这是它最终受到海外财团青睐的原因。弗雷迪·谢泼德(Freddie Shepard)自小就一直是纽卡斯尔的粉丝,但他的继任者阿什利(Ashley)是一个务实的商人。在任职之初,阿什利致力于偿还债务和削减工资单,使喜pies从破产的边缘撤离。但是,喜pies球迷很快发现这家零售巨头只是一名球员,也是他们期待中的俱乐部。老板们相距甚远。

Newcastle in the Ashley era has maintained a revenue growth rate of more than 30% for several consecutive years, and the idea of ​​building an international team once also allowed the team to taste the sweetness on the road to "Portoization". However, Ashley’s biggest impression left to the outside world is his management disorder, which includes recruiting talents from the "East London Mafia", selling the team publicly on the Internet, and shielding staff who beat taxi drivers. Renamed St. James’s Park to the Sports Goods Direct Selling Arena... During Ashley’s tenure, the Magpies experienced a lost 15 years. The gilded signboard created by the people has gradually faded, and Newcastle has reached the point where it is unbreakable.


The charm of Newcastle is rooted in the accumulation of history, but also from the passion of reality. They have no chance with the championship and championship, but they are always dedicated to the pursuit of the pure beauty of football. Ashley was a mistake for Newcastle. The disconnection between him and Glasgow touched the bottom line of the fans from the beginning. His player temperament runs counter to the spirit of "fundamentalism" of the Highlanders. He was once embraced by magpies. He is regarded as the savior, but the cruel facts prove that this is just an illusion.


David Ginola’s smart and delicate breakthrough and dribbling, Alan Shearer’s domineering header and volley, Andy Cole’s spooky interspersed and running positions, Lauren Robert’s chic and wild long shot and In the cross, Noberto Sorano controlled the ball and dribbling calmly, Joey Button's simple and crude interception and steals... Once the Magpies were star-studded, the "artist" from the highlands left fans too much What an unforgettable memory, this is a team that has too many feelings on it and should not gradually sink.

大卫·吉诺拉(David Ginola)的灵巧而细腻的突破和运球,艾伦·希勒(Alan Shearer)的霸气头球和凌空抽射,安迪·科尔(Andy Cole)散布和奔跑的位置,劳伦·罗伯特(Lauren Robert)的别致而狂野的远射以及在十字架上,诺贝尔托·索拉诺(Noberto Sorano)冷静地控制了球和运球,乔伊·巴顿(Joey Button)朴实而粗鲁拦截和抢断...喜pies队高歌猛进,高地的“艺术家”给球迷留下了太多难忘的回忆,这支球队的感觉太多了,不应逐渐陷入困境。

Newcastle once formed the "Dream Team" in the Keegan era. They were one of the first teams to use gold dollars to enhance their competitiveness. With competitors gradually changing their flags, all the Magpies need to do is to catch up. Since the formation of the Big6 group, the Premier League has been striving to divide the gold and silver while rapidly completing the solidification of the class. The Wolves and Everton were once regarded as disruptors who hope to break the monopoly. Newcastle is trying to use a more thunderous The means to complete the curve overtaking.


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