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Tiger Fighting, November 1, According to the Beijing Youth Daily, the 2021 season men’s and women’s professional leagues and the Football Association Cup are likely to continue to adopt the "centralized competition system", but the design of the competition rules may be more reasonable and fair .


The prelude to the domestic professional football competition in the 2020 season will come to an end with the final of the Football Association Cup on December 19. Affected by the epidemic, various tasks this season have encountered unprecedented difficulties and challenges. After passing this season smoothly, where does the new season go? This is the focus of the eager attention of all event participants, stakeholders and fans.


Beiqing-Beijing Toutiao reporter learned in the Suzhou Division of the Chinese Super League that, also affected by the epidemic, the men's and women's professional leagues and the Football Association Cups at all levels in the new season are likely to still adopt a similar competition system to this season, that is, the "centralized competition system." Of course, the Chinese Football Association starts from objective reality and does not rule out the possibility of restoring the home and away game system.


Relatively speaking, the "centralized competition system" is more likely to be used next season. One of the most important reasons for this is that the current domestic and international epidemic prevention and control situation is still severe. Although the current domestic epidemic prevention and control work is effective, and the Chinese Football Association's epidemic prevention work in various competitions hosted by the Chinese Football Association this season is also very good, there are still many uncertainties in the international epidemic prevention and anti-epidemic work.


At present, all kinds of foreign staff, including foreign aid and foreign teachers, have gone deep into the front line of domestic professional football. This objectively requires the Chinese Football Association and all relevant parties of the game to maintain the life, health and safety of personnel, and constantly pay attention to "epidemic prevention". . Adopting a "centralized competition system" is more conducive to tournament hosting and management of the league and maintaining the health and safety of the league environment.

目前,包括外援和外国教师在内的各种外籍人员已深入国内职业足球的前线。这客观上要求中国足协和比赛的所有有关方面维护人员的生命,健康和安全,并不断重视“防疫”。 。采用“集中比赛制度”更有利于联赛的举办和管理,维护联赛环境的健康和安全。

The adoption of the "centralized competition system" actually has a considerable practical basis. Take the Chinese Super League as an example. Although affected by the epidemic, the Chinese Super League will not be allowed to start until July 25th. The high standards and strict requirements of the epidemic prevention work and the preparation time of the competition have brought huge difficulties to the Chinese Football Association in organizing the competition. It is conceivable that the association can lock Suzhou and Dalian as the cities to host the league under such urgent circumstances. In terms of actual results, on the one hand, the two cities successfully completed the epidemic prevention work in the competition area, on the other hand, they provided various tangible and intangible support for the orderly development of the competition, and the undertaking work was exceptionally good.


Except for the cities in the two divisions of the Chinese Super League, the Wuhua divisions of Changzhou, Chengdu, and Meizhou that host the Chinese Premier League, the Kunming and Nanjing Jiangning base divisions that host the Women's Super League and Women's Premier League, and the Kunming Haigeng and Luxi divisions that undertake the Chinese Premier League. Insulting the mission, for the safe and orderly operation of various events, huge manpower, material resources and financial resources have been paid. While putting in hard work, the cities in these regions have also withstood special tests in this special season. It is not only the hardware conditions such as the venue that have withstood the test, but also the medical and epidemic prevention, competition, reception and logistics support service team personnel of the competition area. All this has accumulated experience and added confidence for the further hosting of large-scale centralized football matches in various competition areas and related practitioners.


Chen Xuyuan, the chairman of the Chinese Football Association, who is currently paying attention to the Chinese Super League in the Chinese Super League, spoke highly of the excellent work and dedication of each competition area when communicating with the league organizing committee and the staff of each competition area. In the process of internal communication, the tournament organizing committee has repeatedly mentioned that the Chinese Super League and other events in the new season are likely to still adopt the "centralized competition system."


It should be noted that even if the Chinese Super League and other domestic competitions continue to adopt the "centralized competition system" in the new season, the design of the competition rules and various supporting management methods surrounding the competition will be further optimized and adjusted. For example, the elimination (ranking) system adopted in the second stage of the Super League this season has caused some controversy. Some clubs believe that this competition method may cause unfair competition due to unavoidable accidents. The successful relegation of the two teams at the bottom of the first-stage group stage, TEDA and Jianye, after the first two rounds of the second stage are typical examples.


In addition, affected by the late restart of the league, the teams in the first stage of the Chinese Super League concentrated for more than two months. The long-term closure and living and working away from their relatives brought unprecedented psychology to all participants, including the event organizers and service personnel. Shock and mental fatigue. It is understood that the above two types of situations have actually attracted the attention of the Chinese Football Association. It is understood that the association and event organizers have also done a lot of research work for "improving competition methods".


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