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lol比赛哪里可以押注|法乙联赛 | 先拔头筹遗憾遭逆转,抬起头我们下轮再战!

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September 26, Beijing time, Moonisipal Stadium ball


2020-2021 season L2 round 5


On the evening of September 26, Beijing time, the fifth round of the French second round kicked off. Auxerre, who won the last round, challenged Toulouse in the first game of this round. Facing a strong opponent in the lineup, Auxerre played his own style and took the lead in the second half with Michael Le Bian’s goal; but the team then missed the opportunity and was reversed by Toulouse, regretting not being able to complete the away game. And retreat.


After winning the derby in a very boosting way last round, the morale of the Auxerre team is in full swing. This time as a guest to challenge Toulouse, which had a sluggish start, the team is looking forward to hitting the iron while the iron is hot to achieve another good result, continuing the good performance of the first away game and pushing the opponent into a passive position. Head coach Jean-Marc Forlan has followed the starting lineup exactly the same as the Derby War, and the team's conventional main force framework is gradually emerging.

在上一轮以非常强劲的方式赢得德比战之后,欧塞尔队的士气正在全面发展。这次是作为客人来挑战图卢兹(起步缓慢),车队期待在铁杆发烫的同时击中铁杆以取得另一个好成绩,继续首发比赛的良好表现并将对手推向领先被动的位置。主教练让·马克·福兰(Jean-Marc Forlan)遵循的首发阵容与德比战争完全相同,并且球队的常规主力框架正在逐步形成。

As one of the major upgrades of the French second season this season, Toulouse failed to even win the first four rounds. Without too much testing, Toulouse, who returned to the home court, started offensively. After the test of the first four rounds, Auxerre showed a more tacit degree of running-in in the overall defense, and Matthias Otley returned to the front line to assist his teammates and ensure the defensive level. After resisting Toulouse's three-handed axe, the team began to use the wing players and Le Brian's ability to take the ball and look for opportunities on the counterattack.

作为本赛季法国第二赛季的重大升级之一,图卢兹甚至没有赢得前四轮比赛。没有太多的测试,回到了家乡法院的图卢兹开始进攻。经过前四轮的测试,欧塞尔在整体防守中表现出更为隐性的磨合,马蒂亚斯·奥特利(Matthias Otley)回到第一线以协助队友并确保防守水平。在抵制图卢兹的三手斧之后,球队开始利用边路球员和勒布莱恩的接球能力,并在反击中寻找机会。

In the 13th minute, Quentin Bernard made a long pass straight into the hinterland, and Le Brian failed to get the ball under the interference of the goalkeeper. Five minutes later, after the opponent broke through the bottom of the left, he swept through the front to create a dangerous situation. Auxerre goalkeeper Donovan Leon quickly hugged the ball. The team's counterattack had a certain degree of efficiency. Le Bian made an excellent free kick at the front of the penalty area in the 24th minute. Unfortunately, Axel Ngando's shot hit the wall.

第13分钟,昆汀·伯纳德(Quentin Bernard)直传腹地,莱布兰(Le Brian)在守门员的干扰下未能将球传出。五分钟后,当对手突破左下方时,他横扫了前方,造成了危险情况。欧塞尔门将多诺万·莱昂迅速抱住球。球队的反击有一定的效率。勒比亚在第24分钟在禁区前做出了出色的任意球。不幸的是,阿克塞尔·恩甘多(Axel Ngando)的射门撞在了墙上。

Before the end of halftime, Auxerre, who was previously in the main defensive posture, gradually put the precondition of the formation and increased his patience in the midfield. In stoppage time, Auxerre left a free kick to the far point, and Le Brian's outflank was just one step away from reaching the ball. Both sides failed to create absolute murder in the first half, and the two teams failed to hit the goal range with a total of 11 shots. The game entered the halftime with 0-0.

在半场结束之前,以前处于主要防守姿势的欧塞尔逐渐将阵型作为前提,并在中场增加了耐心。在补时阶段,欧塞尔将任意球踢到了远处,而勒布莱恩(Le Brian)的后路离到达球仅一步之遥。双方未能在上半场创造绝对的谋杀手段,并且两队未能以11杆的总成绩击中英雄联盟投注目标范围。比赛以0-0进入半场。

Easy side to fight again, the game still continued the tone of the first half. The two sides engaged in fierce hand-to-hand combat near the midfield, and the scene was extremely stalemate. Toulouse's offensive has slowed down, Auxerre almost used a wing attack to open the situation: Alcus started the ball from the right, and Sacchi was blocked by the Toulouse goalkeeper at close range! Then goalkeeper Leon contributed a wonderful performance, he blocked Toulouse's extremely fast attack with his leg in the corner kick defense.


Auxerre resolutely implemented the idea of ​​me as the mainstay on the field. In the 58th minute, he broke the deadlock with a left-hand set ball. Kevin Ford made a penalty point forward, and Alexander Coev changed his line at the end. Le Bion, who arrived, adjusted his stamina and scored a goal! The goal boosted Auxerre’s morale. In the 63rd minute, Otterley made a curve pass. Le Bian looked back and looked at the moon with regret and missed the post; 1 minute later, the striker was once again close to the goal. : The defensive team's header from the backcourt cleared the line and turned into a long pass. After Le Bion scored quickly, he couldn't fully hit the strength. Toulouse goalkeeper Dippe resolved it single-handedly. In the subsequent corner kick attack, the Toulouse goalkeeper rejected Auxerre's threat again.

欧塞尔坚决贯彻以我为理念的理念。在第58分钟,他用左手接球打破了僵局。凯文·福特向前罚分,亚历山大·科夫在最后改变了自己的路线。到达的勒比昂(Le Bion)调整了耐力并打入了进球!这个目标提高了欧塞尔的士气。在第63分钟,Otterley弯道通过。勒边后悔地望着月亮,错过了那个职位。 1分钟后,射手再次接近球门。 :防守队员的后场头球破门,形成长传。勒比昂快速得分后,他无法完全发挥出优势。图卢兹的守门员迪佩单枪匹马解决了这一问题。在随后的角球进攻中,图卢兹门将再次拒绝了欧塞尔的威胁。

At this time, the two teams entered the state completely and began to let go and enter the counter attack mode. In the 66th minute, Leon put out an extremely powerful header with his fingertips. Two minutes later, Otley made an inadvertent foul in the penalty area and the referee awarded a penalty kick. In Toulouse, Van der Bowman took the ball and both sides returned to the same starting line.


After being equalized, Auxerre was not discouraged. Instead, he made a fuss about the two sides and the frontcourt fulcrum more fully, and the full-back assists were further increased. Coev, Autre and Le Bianco have all created opportunities to overtake the score, but unfortunately the lucky one belongs to the opponent. In the 86th minute, Toulouse caught Ali Ndom’s tackle error by Moreira to exceed the score; Auxerre pressed on in the final moments, and the substitute Toulouse striker Seely counterattacked and the score was finally set at 1. Than 3.

均衡后,欧塞尔不灰心。相反,他更加充分地对双方和前场支点大惊小怪,后卫的助攻进一步增加lol比赛哪里可以押注。科夫(Coev),奥特(Autre)和勒比安科(Le Bianco)都创造了超越比分的机会,但不幸的是幸运的人属于对手。在第86分钟,图卢兹抓住莫雷拉(Miraira)的阿里·恩多姆(Ali Ndom)的铲球失误,超过比分;在最后时刻,欧塞尔紧追不舍,替补的图卢兹前锋Seely发起反击,总比分定为1.大于3。

As far as the process is concerned, the Auxerre scene in this game did not fail, but failed to withstand the pressure at the last moment. In the face of Toulouse with strong paper strength, Auxerre soldiers basically played a normal level: the two sides are quite sharp, and the threat opportunities created are not less than those of the opponent. The failure to score the second goal to kill the game is regrettable. The players need to grasp key opportunities and further improve the penetration pass in the middle.


Despite the defeat, Auxerre also showed many bright spots on the field in this battle: the leading striker Michael Le Bion scored consecutive goals; two new defense aids, Donovan León and Jubal Rocha also Melted into the team at a gratifying speed, and their defensive handling is quite stable. It is regrettable not to be able to retreat, but we will learn from the process, further carefully polish the whole, and strive to return to home in the next round to regain three points!

尽管失败,欧塞尔在这场战斗中也展现出了许多亮点:前锋迈克尔·勒比昂(Michael Le Bion)取得了连续进球;两名新的防守助手DonovanLeón和Jubal Rocha也以令人满意的速度融入了球队,他们的防守处理也相当稳定。令人遗憾的是无法退缩,但我们将从过程中吸取教训,进一步仔细地打磨整体,并努力在下一轮回国重返三分!

Coach Jean-Marc Forlan: "In the face of a strong opponent who focuses on physical confrontation, we have created many opportunities. This is satisfactory to me, but the players still have a lot to improve. We are cooperating with Mobility still needs to be improved. The team failed to seize two excellent opportunities when it was 1-0. This is an important turning point in the game. The game statistics are surprising and it confirms the contingency of football games."

教练让·马克·福兰(Jean-Marc Forlan)教练说:“面对一个专注于身体对抗的强大对手,我们创造了很多机会。这对我来说很令人满意,但是球员们仍有很多进步。我们与Mobility合作仍然需要球队在1-0时未能抓住两个绝佳机会。这是比赛的重要转折点。比赛统计数据令人惊讶,证实了足球比赛的偶然性。”

Donovan Leon / Karen arcus, jubar Rocha, Gautier loris, Quentin benar / Alexander coef, amza saki / Axel Ngondo (71'ali NDOM), Mattias Autre (83'yanis begravi), Kevin fotner (62'remy dugimon) / micale lebion

多诺万·莱昂(Donovan Leon)/卡伦·阿卡斯(Karen arcus),罗巴(Jubar Rocha),戈蒂埃·洛里斯(Gautier loris),昆汀·贝纳(Alexander coef),阿姆扎·萨基(Amza saki)/阿克塞尔·恩贡多(Axel Ngondo)(71'ali NDOM),马蒂亚斯·奥特(Mattias Autre)(83'yanis begravi),凯文·福特纳(62'remy dugimon)/米卡莱勒邦

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